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Principal’s Message


I feel privileged to lead such a vibrant College that offers such enormous opportunities.


Since Cardiff Academy began in 1999 our students have consistently achieved places at some of the most prestigious Universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge. Many have gained entry to the most competitive Degree Courses such as Medicine and Dentistry. This, however, is not the whole story.


What also stands out from the list of A-level results and University placements is the unusually wide range of Universities and Degree Courses to which our students have gained entry over the years. This is a reflection of the truly inclusive nature of Cardiff Academy. More importantly, it is a reflection of our core educational ethos – to push all students across the entire ability range to achieve more than they ever believed possible.


Our aim in all cases is to build confidence by instilling in our students the same passion, enthusiasm and scholarship for the subject that we have as teachers, whilst, at the same time, creating a secure, friendly, family-type environment in which students can learn and grow as young people. More than anything else, this requires very talented, experienced and dedicated teachers who are not only academically extremely well qualified but also real enthusiasts for their subject.


Dr. S.R. Wilson, Principal

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